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Hello, hello, Answer-Seeker,

I am Marianne. Getting to be vulnerable with someone to work through our blockages in Life, what can also be called a Quarter Life crisis, takes some trust. I want you to know who I am and where I come from, for you to feel welcome, understood and supported while moving towards a new chapter in your Life, answering the question “What is the Purpose of Life?”


I was born and raised in France. I tried my best to succeed in school and even though I didn’t fit all the boxes, I still ended up graduating from a renowned engineering school and worked as such for a few years. My favorite hobbies were orienteering, hiking, cross-country skiing, reading and chatting with friends about Life, slowly heading towards the first quarter of my Life. 

In 2015, Life decided that my reality needed changing. So step by step, I was forced to redirect my Life’s Path, letting go of my relationships with my partner and my close family, my career and even all I had known so far in Life. Realizing years later that it was because none of it was supporting me in becoming the best version of myself. My world was crumbling to pieces and out of the emerging pains, hurts and chaos, I decided to go live my dreams in Canada.

“Dreams” is a powerful word and Life, once again, in 2017, decided that I hadn’t dealt well-enough with everything that She brought to my attention before and that it was time to review my “Dreams” and face my reality. Relationships, feeling of belonging, mental and physical health, hopes for my future in my Life and in this World were all on the table.

I thought I found my way through the darkness this time but still, two years later, “Enough!” was what came to mind. I reached a point where I couldn’t bear it anymore. I was terrified, though I had no choice but to listen. I felt that urge to, once and for all, find my answers and stop the patterns that were replaying in front of my eyes.

It is not because it is all you know that it is who you are. Or should be. What you are called to be or do is You. And it is Safe. Life is not meant to hurt. Life is made to flow. Like the flow of unconditional Love. Listen to your Heart. Listen to your intuition. It is your Soul speaking. Open the Door. It is You walking into the magnificence of who You truly are.

After a year and a half of research, experimentation, actively and almost desperately seeking answers to anyone that could help me, Life gifted me with her beauty. I discovered Sahara Rose and Ayurveda.

My “engineering mind” which doesn’t fit in the “right” boxes still likes systems, to decipher the complexity but gorgeous beauty of Life. This ancient wisdom and science of Life brought the missing pieces I needed to understand Life. Its simplicity but profound wisdom painted a system in which I found myself fitting. Helping me understand who I am, what and who I need and what my role in this world is - my Purpose in Life.

Life Designed By You was created to support You in that same way, on your Life’s journey. Offering you insights but more importantly, space, to process, explore, share and grow to bloom into that beautiful being that you are. Helping you through what you can call your own Quarter Life crisis or finding your purpose in Life. I wish to serve you thanks to my journey through competitive sport, codependent relationships, engineering, world explorer and most of all explorer of myself and the people that have come and gone in my Life. For you to explore, discover and Trust who you are, stepping into your awesomeness confidently, with your own tools to maintain your growth from that moment on.

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