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Ending Patterns - workshop

As a spiritual woman, going through challenging relationships with your family, thinking of cutting ties, or having done so, because of the criticisms and judgements you receive(d) about your spiritual journey, this workshop will help you (re)connect in ways that bring out more love and repair than anger and resentment. So that you can fully embrace your purpose and live your best life as your highest self, wherever you are on your path and in your relationship with your family.

Join us for:

• A practical example of the one tool that will change how you communicate

• Helping you stay in touch with yourself during tough conversations

• Having you communicate your point(s) clearly and efficiently

• Available to you even when you think you are all alone

***Note: My Life took an interesting turn when I had to ask my parents to divorce and take the responsibility of breaking up my family. It was the right decision but it went against all the proper things that we had been taught to do. Since then, I moved from France to Canada, quit being an engineer to become a farmer and a grocery clerk. And Life kept knocking at my door telling me that there was much more for me out there. It's how I became a coach and an ayurvedic health counselor. Diving deep relationships, abandonment wounds, attachment styles, soul purpose, abundance, reframing thoughts and much more on self-development and personal growth. It’s by having gone through a similar experience and coached other women just like you that I have created what I am teaching you.

Workshop brought to you through "A Path from Estrangement to Fulfillment" Workshop series

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