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I help driven, caring, dedicated, brilliant
individuals discover and embrace their gifts for a life of true alignment and
embodied purpose.

I know this feeling and it would be an honor to help you on your path.


Do you wonder how to make this world a better place?

Do you find your sense of purpose in helping others?

Refuse to turn a blind eye to the many injustices in the world?


"Sometimes when you are in a
dark place, you think you have been buried,
but actually you have been planted
– Christine Caine

Do you find yourself being taken advantage of,
burnt out,
feeling inadequate, alone?

Do you want to know how to do what you feel called  to do and where to start?

In a grounding, understanding, supportive and safe space
dedicated to you and rooted in Ayurveda, I hope to lead you to (re)discovering and trusting the
beauty buried inside of you to grow and blossom into that powerful
being that you are.

To know which path to follow, embody your values
everywhere you go and unleash your fullest potential.

Let’s get in touch to chat about your dreams and see how I can help you be on
your way to your Life Purpose.


" If you want something you have never had,
you have to do something you have never done”
                                                       – Thomas Jefferson



Marianne wisely and delicately points out what we need to be conscious about in order to evolve. When you apply her advice, you necessarily

get results.


Marianne helped me visualize
my future and make it more concrete for me. Her positive outlook on life helped me to feel supported and like I could face anything that might come my way. 


Marianne has brought into my “what am I going to do with the rest of my life” existential crisis a sense of hope and recognition of personal power. Marianne has helped me get out of my head and into my heart, and for that I am

forever grateful.


Resiliency is the best word to summarize what Marianne can bring to anybody who believes a good life is not only worth the effort but that it is possible.  Her belief is infectious and her approach is authentic.

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