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Lately "Time" has been the word on many people’s lips around me.

Are you noticing how many Times you mention that word? Are you wondering why Time keeps disappearing on you? Why, week after week, it keeps on flying away leaving you unhappy, resentful, burnt out, overwhelmed and out of ideas to get your Life back?

Well, the answer may most certainly be that it is because you have momentarily stepped away from your Life’s path.

How long has it been though?

On an evening walk, surrounded by the sun setting over the mountains and the lake, in this white heaven that is winter, lights were turning on in the neighborhood.

And "Time" came back to mind.

I had been running all week after all these things to do, that were supposed to be fun and exciting but by now, felt more tiring and stealing away the precious minutes I wanted to spend doing something else.

How did I get here? Why did I get myself into this?

Peaking into these beautiful homes, it came back to me: - I wanted to build a home with unique things brought back from my travels around the world, plants that I would grow with all my heart, mouth-watering smells from the divine meal cooking on the stove, dimmed lights and even maybe a fire going in the fireplace - I was in love with the idea of a vibrant home with kids running around, music in the background, dance, laughter, and love - A Life well lived to me, was sitting at a dinner table, with my lifelong partner and memories that we share, my heart overwhelmed with love and gratitude for all these opportunities I was brave enough to embrace and ultimately led me to this dinner, with no regrets

Time and Life are not working against us.

Our habits, our patterns, our ego, our perfectionism are hiding the simplistic truth: we always have a Choice.

It requires courage, work and some will-power but also love, trust and surrender to what Life offers to us in this very minute. We can make happen all of our dreams, not through force, but with flow.

If you are ready to put words on what your dreams are, and curious to find your way to get there, reclaiming your Time to live your Life, it would be such a pleasure to support you in these very brave steps you are taking for yourself.

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