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Are you wishing you knew how to set good boundaries?

I used to be a competitive athlete and fortunately I never suffered much from injuries. I had to entirely stop running for about a year twice but my injury experience was limited to that.

I remember though, a friend of mine, who kept on hurting his feet, ankles, knees, muscles in his legs, ... The list goes on. He would rest for a few days but that was all his body could get, until he had to stop again.

It strikes me now that when we suffer from heartbreak, disappointment, rejection, redirection altogether in our lives, it is not a physical muscle or part of our body that immobilizes us but something that we haven't been trained to see that way.

When our heart or our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings about ourselves or the world keep us from being our True Selves, there is no need to hide it, see it as a failure, deny it,... as it is a part of ourselves that needs help, support, healing and love.

If you break your arm, would you carry your groceries on it the next day?

When someone shove you aside having you fall to the ground, would you get up and hug them, thanking them for their kindness?

If this talks to your heart, and you feel the need for a compassionate ear, send me a message or book a call on my website and it will be a pleasure to support you in what you are going through.

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