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Break free from challenging family relationships

Discover 4 simple practices to move from confusion, heartbreak and guilt to creating and living the Life of your Dreams with clarity and self-confidence

I would never have thought that I had been abandoned by my family.

See, I was the one that left.

In 2015, I had to ask my dad to divorce my mom.

And after the emotional tsunami that came with that request, things got out of hands. I was also far from seeing the big picture then. It was just steps after steps after steps that couldn’t make more sense.

They were the right things to do.

But indeed, I spoke up. I separated my family. I left. I am not coming back. And I am still speaking up.

So I am the one abandoning, right?

If you are in a similar situation, you must be asking yourself the same question. Feeling the guilt and the shame right down to your core.

Whatever you did – You did it. So it’s your fault, isn’t it?

And my answer to you is NO.

You speaking up. You separating (from) your family. You leaving (emotionally and/or physically).

… is Love.

You have gone beyond your comfort zone with all the love you have in your heart because you know things should be different.

You know there is another way.

And you trust and care for your family so much that you went through all the trouble of expressing yourself, even though you knew what the consequences could be.

You didn’t leave.

Your family didn’t follow you.

Big difference right here.

When they cast you aside, your emotional connection to them, to that safe heaven, to your foundations, got cut off.

You were the one abandoned.

And with that in mind, I want to introduce to you my simple 4-step method for overcoming the heartbreak of being rejected by your family, managing the guilt of separating and still succeeding at building a fulfilling Life for yourself.

Get it right here

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