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From emptyness and exhaustion to vibrancy and fulfillment, I have a trick for you

Do you feel empty ? Tired ? With nothing left in you?

Do you feel almost upset? Not seeing any improvement in a near future?

Do you feel like you want to disappear in a dark hole? Rest forever? Or escape in a parallel world where you could live the Life of your Dreams?

But then you gather up what’s left in you, as little as it is, get out of bed, get ready for work and as soon as your team gets here, you feel that familiar energy and you end up hitting the ground running, breezing through your day, getting things done like an expert, getting home late, finally, not knowing why you felt so awful this morning but getting that second familiar energy that tells you that you wished tomorrow would be different.

Well, if that sounds familiar to you, keep on reading

Do you want a change?

Perfection does not exist. And without the right routine, this dance in between the two extremes of exhaustion and fulfillment is almost impossible to stop. With the right routine, it takes time and practice before you can stop yourself, and reverse the situation, having more time when you feel full than the ones when you feel empty.

So perfection does not exist but if you don’t try, it sure is not going to happen. And that’s why stress is awesome. It distracts us. It fulfills us enough for us to focus on something else and get rid of that fleeting dream of a better Life.

But when do you want to wake up to your reality?

When you are in the hospital, getting mad at your body because it broke down on you?

When one of your loved ones dies and you realize you could have spent more time with them? Or want a better Life that they had before you get to the same point?

Or on your death bed, remembering your Life and noticing that you let go of many chances because of work, because of what other people could have thought, because it was too expensive, because your Life was not worth it then?

Burn out is on every body’s lips these days. And it seems to have started when I entered the work force. 10 years later, burn out is such a thing around me that I feel powerless when I see my friends, my family, my coworkers get sick, demotivated, disillusioned, depressed, angry, changed, on leave or even when they quit because they have nothing left.

One focus of my Ayurvedic practice will be on this condition. Our bodies suffer so deeply from the aftermath of stress and burn out. Akin to a welted flower. And my dear you, if you are suffering from this, I am with you.

But you know, that’s where my Transformational Life Coaching comes into the picture. Because we let ourself go another day, and another day after that when we don’t know or have lost sight of our big dream. When we are passing second, third or last, way after priorities that start losing that advantage when our health goes sideways.

So after inviting you to dream last Sunday, I want to invite you to bring that feeling back. To review your priorities. To go after your dreams one at a time.

If you had one year left to live, what would you do?

My dear you, you are not alone. I have been exactly where you are today and have found all these beautiful tools I would love to share with you after making my own mistakes, reading books, going to therapists, going back to school.

I want you to feel safe, to feel strong, to feel anchored in your inner knowing, to be able to say No to what’s not serving you, and to say Yes to yourself and everything that fulfills you. I want to help you figure it out. Who you are, what you want, how to get there. And help you on your path to recovery.

I wish that you don’t have one year left to live, but I can tell you that we can turn your Life around in the next Year together. Even better, what about in the next three months?

Send me a message, I cannot wait to work with you.


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