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Is Life beautiful?

Do you see this gorgeous blue sky? The first light of the day so early in the morning? The sun warming your home and your heart? The birds flying around us? That warmth coming back from deep down?

Are you feeling like the beauty of this Life is not true? That it's wrecked by most of the people inhabiting our Planet? That our day to day Life is better inside? In that dark corner we created for ourself to weather the news, the past weeks, past months, past years and maybe it's even hard to figure out the last time you actually walked out of that dark room?

This is what I want to invite you to do. Now, today, tomorrow, later this week, later next week, month, year,... No matter when, I invite you to open your heart and see. Let that Sun and its warmth embrace your entire self with Love and Beauty.

This Life, Nature, our Planet is not meant to hurt, to harm or to break you. These pains are the consequences of our resistance to our very own flow. And mainly because we were never introduced to it.

But my dear, Life is beautiful so please, allow yourself to live in harmony with her, to learn, to understand, to see past your pains, resentment, anger and get to love yourself, others, and be loved back by all the beautiful human beings that we are and Life itself.

I love You.

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