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Physical pain? The real reason why it’s not going away

Headaches from too much stress.

Lower back pain from hanging onto countless frustrations.

Eczema from an excess of anger.

Nervous stomach from anxiety.

We can add to this list very easily.

These are called psychosomatic pains. Discomforts or pains that come up, out of the blue, one day, leaving you wondering what you did wrong to get this subtle but soon becoming disabling pain in your body, stopping you from enjoying life the way you always have.

Online today, most of these pains are categorized under “stress or anxiety related” but as you can see, it is not only limited to that.

The ancient art of Ayurveda, an Indian Traditional Medicine, from India, based on diet and lifestyle mostly, taking the whole body into account, is reminding us of the variety of causes leading to these pains.

How would you feel if you knew WHY?

As opposed to your massage therapist and/or chiropractor telling you, after 6 long months of painful treatment, “well, I have done everything I could, now, you will have to learn how to live with your pain.”

See, in Ayurveda, we don’t just address the pain. With a detailed intake, we look at your lifestyle habits, your current diet and your life’s experiences. We determine the constitution you were born with and the imbalances you are experiencing today and you walk away with an action plan helping you come back on track.

But, I don’t stop there. As a Transformational Life Coach, as well as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, I pick up on the unprocessed or troublesome emotions that come up during our Initial Ayurvedic Consultation, connected to disorders you are experiencing in your body, and we address them with subsequent coaching sessions.

So that we can not only soothe the pain, but make sure you have the tools to get rid of it in the long term or address it in situations where it would usually flare up.

Are you ready to investigate with me and get your Life and Body back under your understanding and control?

I am offering 50% off my program ‘Unleash Your Fullest Potential’ for the first 5 clients who enroll.

It all starts with a Discovery Call. Book yours here.


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