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What to do when you are young, in pain and with no energy?

Back to work and already feeling stressed? tensed in your body? tired and snappy? As if Life is slowly being sucked out of you?

And we are not talking about that pain lingering in the background that seems to come with the job. Be it lower back pain, eczema, discomfort of foul smelling gas or breath, or something similar.

Feeling like you had it all planned out. You would do this and that, so you can keep being in control, and keep the stress, frustration and that pain away. Being able to accomplish great things with a limitless amount of energy. Like it used to be.

But no, that vicious cycle is not giving you any break. Demands, over demands, over demands. You just have to run after time. There is never enough of it. To do the job right, be nice and kind, answer to your loved ones, create great relationships, take care of your body and be healthy and energized.

And you are so young!

But this is it, You have already given up on a healthy body. Because ‘such is Life’ you have come to tell yourself, after hearing so from your parents, coworkers, friends,… even though they also say that you should figure this out because it is not supposed to be that way!

Well, let me tell you, you are not alone, and this mess is fixable.

You don’t have to go to your doctor, to be sent to do countless tests, and go see countless other practitioners. Yes, it will help and they will maybe get to slowly but surely scrape that pain away.

But you know what most of my clients figure out?

-> It all comes to an end when they finally face the real pain behind this all.

Which is emotional.

About You.

Your self-worth, self-respect, self-love, boundaries and all the mindset reframe that comes in play when you finally figure out who you really want to be in this world, what you really want to do to be that True You and when you set yourself on Your Path to accomplish that deepest desire of yours.

And that is what I do.

I help women leaders get back on track. From not knowing what’s going on and seeing your body as an enemy (I did that first, you are so not alone), to getting a good understanding of why you are the way you are and learning the tools to shift your Life towards a Life Designed By You.

What do you say?

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