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Your Roadmap to regain Power over your Life

We all have busy lives and I definitely agree that we have to be highly protective of our time.

Making sure that all we do is aimed towards building a better future for ourselves rather than still feeling stuck, miserable, heartbroken and confused at the end of the day, with no improvement in sight.

And I know that for me, I need to be doing something when I listen to something otherwise I will fall asleep. So I like putting on a podcast I am super interested in when I cook my meal and eat. Or when I do some art and craft projects. Lots of my clients drive and that would be a great time as well.

So,... I hope you can find some time to listen because I really, really don't want you to miss your chance to learn how to overcome your challenging relationships with your family, the heartbreak of feeling/being rejected by the very people that should love you unconditionally, and the confusion of not knowing who to be, what to do and what your future can be with or without a family, at least, without the model of family you always thought you would have,....

In this masterclass, you will learn the 4 steps of your path from feeling or having been abandoned by your family to living the Life of your dreams and feeling the most gratitude, fulfillment and joy you have ever felt in your Life. And of course, all the steps in between. From learning how to become your own best friend, find support when you feel most alone, build yourself right up, get clarity and a boost of self-confidence anytime you need it and figure out what that Life of your dreams is.

Little bonus, there are 12 practices in the recording you can start right away to change your Life tomorrow.

So,.... Listen here

Family relationships are one of the most difficult subjects to discuss when things are not going well. And even more when we are talking about emotional disconnection or manipulation.

Friends and people in general as well as therapists sometimes will often say, about your parents or siblings "oh, give them a break, they are doing their best" or "but you have to reconnect, you only have one family", "you have to learn how to forgive" or even "you have to let go",...

None of this helps, and I know way too well the feeling of hopelessness, disappointment and loneliness that can settle into your Life when you don't even know where to start to cope and rebuild.

You are not alone and you definitely don't have to be. There are way too many lost adult daughters that are wonderful women, wasting their kindness and beautiful beautiful hearts in past patterns and limiting beliefs that will take them years to overcome without a plan and the right people to trust around them.

If that's you, don't waste this precious time, lean on me and all the years I spent figuring it all out in our world that is not exactly ready to hear how many families are being broken every day. Let me teach you the right steps to transform your Life in just 4 months.

Tune in here to get your actionable steps to transform your Life, manage the guilt and shame that comes with going low or no-contact with your family in today's society and start building that new Life you deserve.

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