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Are you wanting to find your way back to that Light that was so characteristic of You?
Are you a brilliant Soul craving for understanding?
Are you seeking tools to understand yourself on all levels and show up in this world the way you are dreaming of?

Working with me is usually done online through Zoom, in English or French. Though, if you live in or around Nelson-BC, you are absolutely welcome to see me in person.

Booking a free Discovery Call is the beginning of our journey together. That’s where we meet to chat and get to see what your needs and desires are at this moment and how I can help you process, move forward and discover how to become the person you wish to be today.


If you have any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail at or book a free Discovery Call to get to know me, ask all the questions you have on your mind and determine if I am a good fit for what you need.


​​Package prices: all in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Visa debit & credit cards & Paypal payments accepted + etransfer (in Canada)

Average session time: 90 minutes.

Select from programs below:


*Free* Discovery Call

Discussion about your needs and desires at this moment and how I can help you process, move forward and discover how to become the person you wish to be today


Kick-start your Transformation

Do you feel stuck?

Do you not know how to say no?

Are you burnt out?

Are you so far out that you are ready to explode?


Do you want to know where to start?


Let’s work together.


In this program you can expect to find clarity, to feel more confident in creating and asserting boundaries, to feel more at ease, at peace and grounded in your Life.


1 Free Discovery Call + 4 weekly or bi-weekly 1:1 sessions ~ 1 month long on average

Cost: Sliding scale $80 to $120 per session


Find Your Life Purpose

Do you know what you should do but don’t know how to change your reality?

Do you struggle with maintaining healthy boundaries?

Do you find yourself falling back in your past patterns?

Feel like you have little or no control over your Life?


Are you ready for a change?


Let me assist you in bringing your dreams into your reality.


In this program you can expect to learn more about yourself, connecting your past and your future, uncovering and moving past your limiting beliefs, getting a clear understanding of where you are headed and tools to support your beautiful Self. 


Free Discovery Call + 12 weekly or bi-weekly 1:1 sessions ~ 3 months long on average

Cost: Sliding scale $80 to $120 per session


Introduction to Ayurveda

Have you ever heard of Ayurveda?

Feel curious about what it has to say for you and what you are experiencing today?

Feel confused about your constitution and how the doshas work in your body?

Do you have a condition that the Western World cannot find answers to?

Wanting to hear what Ayurveda has to say?


Allow me to bring you answers


Book a first consultation today and let me determine your body-mind constitution, identify and assess any imbalances that may exist, provide information and guidance relevant to your situation and develop a plan with you for lifestyle and dietary changes in order to improve your general Health and Wellness.


1-1:1 Ayurvedic Consultation, 90 minutes long with follow up session(s) as needed and discussed

Cost: $120 for an initial consultation, complementary recommendations appointment included, $80 follow-up(s)


Unleash Your Fullest Potential

Do you lack energy? Motivation to jump out of bed in the morning?

Do you have recurring pain?

Do you have digestion or elimination issues?

Do you have skin disorders or uncomfortable body odors?


Do you want to know what your body is trying to tell you?


This is a service that combines all my skills and other programs on this page to lead you to Unleash your Fullest Potential


We will start with a first Ayurvedic Consultation to introduce you to this ancient traditional Indian Medicine that is Ayurveda or answer the questions that you have. We will then follow with transformational life coaching sessions in order to work simultaneously on your physical body and the root cause of your physical disorders that we will find in your mind and emotions. Helping you navigate what’s coming up physically and emotionally and lead you to becoming the best version of Yourself on all levels.


Starts with 1-1:1 Ayurvedic Consultation, 90 minutes long, with 2 follow up sessions + 12-1:1 Transformational Life Coaching sessions.

Cost: $3500, payment plans available, let's chat - book a free Discovery Call

No matter how much we want to know, see and do right at this moment, Life doesn’t unlock more than what we can handle - and only Time will help you see clearly through what you are experiencing right now. That’s why I offer different lengths of programs to support you best at the pace you need.

You might be wondering "What now?..." ~ Having finally liberated yourself from the weight of the past but feeling that fear, that helplessness about what to do with yourself now, today, tomorrow and the days after that?
No need to worry, you have a plan and I will be so happy to uncover it with you

Your needs, lived experiences and actual growth will be my guides to support you throughout your program of choice and it will be a pleasure to discuss it with you on a free Discovery Call and tailor your sessions to

your unique personality.

I will stay available for further investigation or exploration in the future, whether you choose to participate in another program, or we can discuss the possibility of one-off sessions depending on your needs.

If you reached this page and feel called to work with me, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need some financial adjustments to embark on this Transformational Journey.

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