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Do you really know your body?

After having moved to Canada, coming from France, my health became one of my worries. Not that there was anything to worry about but it was more about how to answer that precious question, “What if…?”

At first, I was not even covered by the healthcare system so I started being very careful whenever I was farming, going hiking, wanting to go skiing, or anything putting me at risk. But I was not living Life at its fullest!

Then came the coverage but like everywhere, I found it hard to find someone I could trust and that would help me in a way I understood. I often felt that I was given prescriptions or treatments without a real understanding of who I was or my lifestyle and thus, it never really fulfilled me entirely.

When I discovered Ayurveda, I was already playing with meditation, yoga, journaling and self-development altogether. Ayurveda does have a spiritual aspect that yogis know quite well, about self-liberation and achievement.

But what I like, and want to bring to you, is that once you allow yourself to be guided, to open the doors to your fears but also questions, Ayurveda can answer with very simple, trustworthy and so natural advice and wisdom that getting to know yourself is a peaceful and empowering journey.

Disclaimer: I am not saying to stop going to see your doctor or any other healthcare practitioners that you see today. But if you are like me, mainly curious, feeling isolated and misunderstood and are looking for tools and answers that are simple and trustworthy because they resonate deeply with how you feel in your body, … Ayurveda may then be something you would enjoy and it would be a pleasure to be there for you.

Ayurveda is fascinating! The last bit I want to leave you with is the following. In Ayurveda there are 6 stages of development for a disease. The Western Medicine System recognizes the disease only at the 5th stage as it is obvious and detectable on scans and others tests.

Ayurveda is a preventative medicine. Most of the work is focused on the first three stages of the disease as they are more easily reversible and located in the digestive tract. Thus, using the simple lifestyle, diet and herbs treatment is very effective. Once we go to the fourth or fifth stage, then the disease requires more of an extreme approach, because it has left the digestive tract and is starting to disrupt the tissues of the body and the Western Medicine System is very good and specialized in this treatment approach.

So when you start practicing Ayurveda, you mainly learn to listen to your body and the tools to answer to it. A perfect example is when you are cold. You usually put on a sweater, or warmer socks. You are practicing Ayurveda! Another one is, when you are tired, you sleep. It doesn’t require much to practice Ayurveda, only curiosity and open-mindedness to finally befriend your body and treat it as you would a friend. To me Ayurveda has helped me “treat” my eczema, hot emotions (anger, frustration, impatience, …), elimination even body odors and still working on my anxiety.

So, do you know your body? Would you want to?

Send me your question(s), I look forward to answering you with what I know so far and if it requires deeper details, I will ask you your contact information to reach out to you when I can see you for a practice consultation.


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