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What would happen if you knew your Body?

Have you ever been sick but felt so alone that you ended up crying your heart out from hopelessness?

To get my point across, I will once again share a bit of my story.

The first time I got really sick after I left my family home and moved out on my own with my first partner, it was the day we had to travel to see my in-laws for the week-end. They were older though and we were planning on visiting their relatives and friends as well thus came the question “Should we even go?”

I remember sitting on my nice comfy coach, under a warm heavy blanket and feeling so hopeless.

Where was my mom to tell me what to do? What to take to be back on my feet in no time? Give me a loving hug and walk me through the steps to recovery?

I was alone with my body and surrounded with people wanting things from me. I didn’t understand what was happening, where it was coming from, what I had to do to get rid of it and be on my feet, running around 24/7, helping everybody else but myself.

Luckily, it never happens too often in my Life, so I can write to you today and still think that I am that superwoman, that will never get sick and that if what I am going through doesn’t kill me, then I can keep going. “We practice because we forget”. I am just like you. I try.

That it is a bad cold, the flu, covid, a burn out, an episode of whatever it is that can be even worse, diseases are not a scheme from the Devil to put us down. They are not designed by Life to punish us. And why is it normal to give up our power and have to go consult someone else to tell us what to do about our own body?

I very much know that our Body is complex. Such a complex machine that indeed, it takes very many long years to become a doctor and most of them even keep on going to specialize in one area in order to stop the overwhelm and serve their patients at their very best. And I honor that. We need our doctors, surgeons and specialists. We need the whole medical body that exists to help us be the best version of ourselves. This is also why I went back to school. To learn for you and be able to share with those of you who don’t have the same motivation or time that I have but still need these knowledge.

There are many steps ahead of these unfortunate situations that you have power over. In this day and age we are asked and raised to pursue success with ambition. And all means are good as long as you don’t fail. So we work. Hard. We stop sleeping, we stop cooking, we almost stop eating as well. Having “Me time” is far away from being understood because only results and numbers matter.

So we push. A little bit more. Every day. And unconsciously, we cross our fingers for nothing to happen. And if it does, for it to be so insignificant that a pill can get rid of it. Ending up with a few of them every day to keep going.

Your Body is like your car. If you don’t put gas in it, it’s going to stop. If you only put half the tank in all the times, you end up going to the gas station more often. And if you push it a little bit more every day, the next step is going to see the mechanic. And here is an expansive bill for his services. Sometimes we even think of buying a new car because it would be less expansive.

Can you buy a new body?

I know some of you may say “I wish!”.

And you may not be ready to work with me. But my invitation today is to think about all of this. Think about your Body. What you know of it. What you ask of it. Of Yourself. What you are afraid of. The signs you ignore. How much you rely on friends, family members, doctors, medical body to have answers for you? To fix you right there and then but keep coming back for the same issues? How confused you may be with everything else that is showing up everywhere in your Body?

Ayurveda gives you the solution. It reminds you of the tools you already have. It helps you simplify. Understand. Get in tune with your body once again and see the warning signs way before the disease hits you and puts you down. And not in 5, 10, 15 years. In a few months’ time.

Depending on what it is that developed in your Body, it won’t fix you. It won’t save you. It may but there is more chances that it won’t. But it will open your mind. It will support you in living the best of Life at this moment. With more ease, fluidity, energy, love, resilience,…

Then, the choice is yours.

What would you like to do with your Life?

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