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Three ayurvedic daily tools with which your Life may get easier on its own

Over the week-end, I was inviting you to work with me on a more broad and personal issue that you are encountering these days that makes you feel stuck, to which you may not know how to say no, and that may make you feel burnt out, ready to explode. I was offering you my help to know where to start and finally take that first step towards that Life you want for yourself.

Well, today, my hope is to provide you with three simple ayurvedic tools that if you commit to applying those every day from now on, your Life may get easier on its own.

Ready to read more about this?...

As I was saying in an earlier post (that you can find here: ), in Ayurveda, there are three different types of constitution that we can identify mostly by our physical shape and personality traits. Though, the better we can identify it, the more it means that it is so accentuated in our body that it is imbalanced and aggravated. Another caution we have to apply here is that, even though we are all made of a mix of these three different types of “energy”, the point is not to come back at an exact equal part of each but to the mix we were born with. Which is a unique combination for each individual, which has shaped us in our beautiful self today.

Most of the times, we have gotten imbalanced by not knowing better and following cultural, societal and scientific guidelines which don’t include our uniqueness and the way we feel in our body. So Ayurveda teaches us how to come back to this equilibrium and the little things to listen to, to know how that feels.

One other factor that comes into play is toxins or ama in Sanskrit. It is a yucky substance that comes to be created when we cannot digest something, be it digested physically, mentally, emotionally, ….

The first thing we want to achieve is creating as little ama as possible, before integrating any overwhelming recipes, diets, meditation, yoga pose,… That way our body can come back to a less overwhelmed state and its own natural detoxification program.

Did you know that our body can do that? We have a built-in program for natural detoxification which is called,…

Tool #1: sleep. That’s right! If you are able to go to bed and fall asleep before or around 10pm at night, and that you are a pretty healthy person, your liver will be able to apply its magical power of detoxifying your blood and whole body!

Tool #2 - first things to do in the morning: after a good night sleep of 7 to 8 hours, having let your body do its thing, you will probably have a funny deposit of sticky yucky substance on your tongue. This is what’s left untreated by your body that will require a little assistance from yourself. Ayurveda recommends getting a tongue scraper and gently scraping this coating away first thing upon waking. Nice work! You are detoxifying even without a dietary cleanse! Being able to go to the bathroom at that time is also a sign of good digestion. And it will never hurt if you want to shower, floss and brush your teeth then as well.

Tool #3: consistent meal times. Yes indeed! Trying to eat only three times a day with as little snacks as you can, you will leave time for your stomach to work on what you have ingested and keep on detoxifying in between meals. If you are often hungry, try to eat slightly bigger meals until what you eat can last you until the next meal. Don’t forget to drink water as well and add some electrolytes if your urine is clear. A nice yellow tint is our goal. Last trick, try to avoid eating less than 2 hours before your bedtime: it overwhelms your liver and will create more toxins. Consistency in your meal times brings predictability to your body and thus this beautiful and complex machine that makes us who we are, can get ready and prepare the right digestive enzymes before each meal.

Isn’t that awesome?

With these three simple tools, you are already on your way to a much aligned and fulfilled life!

What is the first step you can take to integrate this new information into your daily life?

In my experience, Ayurveda seemed so simple that I wanted to do everything right away. And I discovered that simple was also complex. It can be overwhelming to change your whole life around. And maybe even lead you to paralysis. I hear you there, that’s why I made it my career. My goal is to support you in the gentlest, easiest and most comfortable way to lead you to better health, better thoughts and a better Life. So don’t worry, you are not alone. How could I help you on this journey?

Feel free to contact me.

Much love,


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