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Attachment patterns, Beliefs about Yourself and How to be Free

This week’s slower rhythm, still recovering from going away and coming back, still being on break for another few days from my Ayurvedic School, feels good. But as Sarah Baldwin was saying on the Highest Self Podcast with Sahara Rose, episode that I was listening to this morning “Good does not always feel good”. We have to teach our body sometimes what good is and do it slowly and lovingly. So through my fearful moments of doubt and self-inquiry, I still found some peace to keep on learning, about me, about us and about how to help myself and others better.

I wanted to share with you three things that I have been happy and so so so fulfilled by the experience when I was in it:

- Highest Self Podcast episode #447 from Sahara Rose: a discussion with Sarah Baldwin on “How to Heal your Nervous System”. If you have 1h15 to spare, please listen to it here: And if you don’t have time to spare, please find some. This is Life-changing knowledge with nothing much to Do but such beautiful and loving words that I promise you cannot leave Unmoved. I hope you find as much clarity and wonderful advice as I did and maybe start shifting slowly towards where you want to go.

- “Get Untamed – The Journal” by Glennon Doyle, journal following her book “Untamed”. I haven’t read the book but have started the journal. It’s in 7 parts which I have taken to do once a day or so. It’s deep, it’s powerful, it’s transformative. I definitely, absolutely advise you to start any of it if you want to study your attachment patterns and beliefs about yourself and your role in this world.

- I am also still listening to the “Somatic Movement Summit” from The Shift Network. It’s such a transformative summit, connecting deeply to the podcast episode mentioned above. How to understand your mind, your patterns, your bodily reactions, conscious or unconscious and above all, how to bring more Love to your Life. I got blown away by a Qi-Gong practice from Daisy Lee (, discovered the Feldenkrais Method taught by Lavinia Plonka and really really really got my eyes blasted open by:

o Paul Linden on “Accessing Peace through Embodiment”: Short version of it is that we cannot just want something to happen, we need to learn how to be in our body (which for any trauma survivors out there takes time and proper support to do safely), how to be at peace with it and know how and when we are reacting to something. So then we can apply our soothing tools to come back to neutral and even push it to the opposite and bring out Peace and Love, fully embodied. So when you start feeling small, looking away, shying away,… Instead teach yourself to look up, stand taller and bring forth the Change you want to see.

These are three key insights of my past week that I really wanted to bring to you to help you wherever you are today.

Lots of Love,


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