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How to make this World a Better Place? – Part 2

I cannot help but notice the messages of distress about the world situation right now.

What are we doing, us, human beings, to each other and to the planet?

What can I do, little me, so far away from it all, to stop this?

I have made all the best efforts to spread positivity and love around, but what’s the point today?

Back in February last year, I posted an article about the war in Ukraine that was starting then.

Today, I had planned to post something totally different but something stirred in me and I feel the need to answer some questions and bring some peace, as much as I can. Because you are not alone.

I, too, have felt the privilege of having been raised by an average wealthy family in a peaceful country, with access to good food, shelter, good education and resources to grow and evolve, safely.

Though for a while, I refused these privileges and went down to a very interesting spiral that scarred me a bit. But I came back on the other side realizing that yes, I had been offered privileges my entire life and the point was not to refuse them, but use them the best way possible.

The Libra in me thinks that the best way possible is through fairness, respect, compassion and as much love as I can.

When I realized that, I went to work. And it took a lot.

A lot of forgiving myself for having refused these privileges and acted somewhat egoistically for a while, able to criticize and diminished the kindness of the people that worked really hard to give it to me.

A lot of patience, to notice, understand and modify my thought patterns to bring lasting change in my Life and be of service to the World instead of another person thinking that Life works against me.

A lot of wondering, searching, walking down rabbit holes and starting all over again to finally find my way, a way that works for me, keeping me evolving rather than stagnating or denying.

That way has brought me to take ownership of my Life. As in, my Life is my car and I am at the wheel and it is not driving on its own with me having no control. I have my very own two feet to drive forward or stop when needed. My very own two hands to take charge or release when needed. And my very own two eyes to see the road ahead and the multiple exits I could take, if I wanted to stop driving or choose another way.

So I am in charge, as much as you are of your own Life.

Nobody else is driving.

And if you are in a safe place, in a safe country, with access to resources around you, the question is, where are you driving to? And how?

Having/Taking/Regaining control of your Life means that you have the power to do good over bad. You have the power to choose, every minute of the day, if what you are doing is in service to the world or against it. The world at large or the little world around you.

It all starts with you. The big events we are seeing unfold on our phone, TV or computer screens today, all started with a bunch of individuals. A chance they didn’t get from where they were born. But also a choice they couldn’t make for a lack of balanced guidance, fair history, love in their life, someone to believe in them, to show them the way through their pain.

But you can. And you were born somewhere where you can make that choice. No matter who did what to you. No matter what you didn’t do. It is never too late.

And there is no better time than now to embrace a change, starting by asking yourself am I embodying what I want to see in the world? What do I want to accomplish in this world? Am I taking the steps to lead me there? What can I do to be even better? To see yourself fully. To love yourself completely. To lead the world to a better place rather than a sadder, more painful place.

As I was saying in February 2022:

“The world is crumbling. And we can be worried.

[…] Yes the World is crumbling. Yes we can challenge the benevolence of Life. Yes we can decide that all is lost and nothing is worth anything anymore. That we messed it all up and the Planet is better off without us.

But I want to tell you that this is wrong. What's crumbling is what we have built without awareness. It is not Life that is creating what's happening, we did. And Life now cannot do anything but witness. Witness and send Her Wisdom to the tiny amount of people that can see it, trusting that they will be able to share.

Nothing is lost. If you can be brave enough to take that step and do the work, all will be OK.

Look at yourself, take the responsibility to take care of yourself as you would a child, stop waiting on whatever and whoever you are waiting on to create the Life you want, and see that you have the power to do it Yourself.

The key is inside of you and believe me, I have been sick and tired of hearing that same thing!

Dig a little. Face what's coming up. Begin to understand. Follow your heart. And embrace the Love. Embrace who you are meant to be.

By doing so, you are supporting yourself which as a consequence will help the people around you. You will shine, you will be strong, you will be independent, you will be a leader. And you will inspire others to follow that same way. To become themselves. And to love and honor that Life that flows through us.

By doing so, we are supporting our community, we shine together, we are strong, we are independent and we are leaders of a new world. We love and honor Life that flows through us. We are living our Purpose and this world would be crumbling for this transformation to be born.

By not answering to that calling, by following fear, anger, bitterness, this Beauty cannot be born.

I never thought I would ever write that on a public page but I can assure you that it's possible and I am not alone. I work with hundreds of people everyday with the same message, with the same vision and with the same connection to Life.

Don't give up just yet.

Life hasn't given up.

We can birth a new world and each and everyone of us is key to do so.

I need you!

The butterfly effect is nothing to ignore, I promise.”


- What are we doing, us, human beings, to each other and to the planet? Definitely not just good things, but every day we have a choice to do things differently and what matters is only what You choose? Growth? Kindness? Encouragements? Team work? Higher purpose? Caring? Love?

- What can I do, little me, so far away from it all, to stop this? Embrace who you are, heal yourself, heal your relationships with others, connect to your heart, be of service with love, take that new way today, that will lead you somewhere else, and invite others to join you.

- I have made all the best efforts to spread positivity and love around, but what’s the point today? Positivity and love is the only point today. You are not alone. Keep choosing that path, people will join you. Open your eyes to what’s happening directly around you. Notice the other acts of positivity and love around you. You are surrounded by much more than you think. Welcome it, encourage it, team up, you are not alone.

As you can notice, conversations with me are long and deep. I have so much more to say but I will come back on it at another time. For now I want to wish you a good day, a good week, a good month and many many good years. But also tell you that if you have enjoyed reading this article, I will be more than happy to hop on a call, a FREE coffee or tea date, just to be there for you. We all need someone at some point, and I love this so much I made it my job. You got this. We got this. The world is a better place thanks to you. Keep up the good work. I will talk to you soon.


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