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When you Want your Dream Life to Happen….

There are a lot of different school of thoughts out there.

Journaling, meditation, visualization, manifestation, mind over matter, thoughts first and above all,….

And on the other hand, taking action, charging forward, investing time and money, just going after it, “I will rest when I am dead” kind of people.

And that is the number 1 thing we address with my clients.

They want another Life. They have had it with getting up every morning and doing the things, with no results. “Asking the Universe”, with no results. They are lost, they are exhausted, and with no idea what to do next, still lacking everything they know they deserve.

So today, I want to shed some light on a few things.

Because I am not going to lie, this process does take time. Whoever tells you, do this and your Dream Life will magically unfold in front of your eyes in the next minute, has another agenda for you!

But while this process takes time, there are quite a lot of things that you can do to align your dreams with your reality before you need any body to troubleshoot what’s going wrong in your methodology.

Because that’s right, you don’t need to see anybody to make that happen. There are plenty of people out there that do it with the right books, the right friends, the right meditations,…. But you know, discussing this, sharing it, will fast track you and if you go to the higher level of hiring a coach for it, you are getting feedback on the go and you are able to learn what to tweak right away, instead of spending weeks, months or maybe years on it.

So, when you want your dream life to Happen, first and foremost, the first key element of the process is to realize that it will take time. By doing so it brings patience, but also some kind of detachment, surrendering and also a sense of priority. As in, during all this time that your dream life is going to take to happen, you will have to be OK with the life you have right now. So it indicates to you what really needs to go, that you are not OK with and cannot live with one more minute in your Life. And once you start letting go of these unacceptable things, one after the other, there is a sense of peace that enters your Life, a sense of OK-ness or comfort in the fact that yes, your dream Life is not here yet, but your current Life is somewhat better and now you can wait. You can build, piece after piece, that masterpiece that your Life is going to be, no matter when.

But you may be thinking right now, “How do I even know what my Dream Life is?”

And that’s a very good question. And you can note that this question comes after the realization that your Dream Life is going to take time before it really happens.

I have a lot of people that tell me that they don’t even dream. But that’s when I ask them to. Though, in that moment, what they forget is that they do dream. Their mind always wanders towards another world, sometimes it’s fantasy, with books, video games, board games, …. Sometimes it’s love stories, with movies, books, social media,…

We all want something more, but indeed, when it’s time to express it, put actual words on it, and accept to work towards it, it escapes us. And that’s what our brain is made for. Protecting us to not get hurt like we have had in the past. So when we change the course and aim towards something else that we don’t know, the brain happily erases the information. In that moment, we go back to realizing that things take time. Our brain is doing its best to protect us. We need to acknowledge that and thank him for sticking to its mission.

But that’s where we can also say, like we would a scared child, “You are Safe, nothing is happening Now, You are Safe”. And take a few deep breaths to relax and just be still for a minute. Then we can allow ourselves, to put our hands on our heart and slowly but surely reconnect with that dream world. As in, in a perfect world (the fantasy, love story, … whatever your dream world is), with all the resources that you need, what would you be doing, who would you be?

And you See it. Feel it. Hear it. Taste or Smell it even. But you Live it for a little while. Once you can tune in and out of this world much more easily. Because, remember, things take time. This may take you a while before you can really make it your everyday habit.

But once you can, the last key element, is to move backward a bit and get a sense of the steps that separate you from that World to your current Life. And again, this will take time and practice to get it right, but it will come.

For some it will come through intuition as it did me the first few times. As in, you now know where you are going, and you can see the end results, so it gives you a better idea of what that Dream Life is made of, and you can understand the elements that are missing in your Life today to make it happen.

But for others, it may take a dialogue with that Future You in that Dream Life, and the Current You in your Real Life. The Current You asking the Future You, what is it that your Current You needs to know to become that Future You you are experiencing? And letting that Future You tell you.

But all in all, the very important key here is to have a few steps that can help you make a plan and take action in the next 24 hours to move an inch further towards that Life you Dream of. And TAKE action(s).

Through these 4 steps, your Dream Life will Happen. And that is a wonderful exercise to do when you are restless, frustrated, overwhelmed, when you don’t know what to do or where to start.

*Accept that your Dream Life will take time (free yourself from everything that holds you back in your Current Life)

*Allow yourself to Dream and sense that Dream Life as fully as possible in your body and mind (See it. Feel it. Hear it. Taste or Smell it even)

*Backtrack to see the key steps that are separating you today from your Dream Life

*Take action towards the first key step on your way to your Dream Life

All of this can definitely be done in your mind only or with the assistance of great guided meditations. But I would encourage you to journal on it all. As Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. This means that, as I was saying, the brain is here to protect you. And it keeps you protected by keeping you in the same space you are from. Change is not our brain’s best friend! By journaling, you get out of your brain and into your hand, moving into another area of your brain, much higher thinking area, and creative solutions come to you.

So as you can see, when you Want your Dream Life to Happen, we actually use a little bit of all the different schools of thoughts out there to create a path and get you where you want to Be, whenever that will Be.

Try this out at least once a week for the next 6 months (choose a time, choose a day and block 30 minutes in your calendar at that time for every day you chose for the next 6 months), and let me know what you get as a result. And if you want faster results, I am always here to work with you and refine it to get all the benefits.

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