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I am not seen – I am not heard

All my clients say this.

And every time, I feel the depth of their pain. The crack in their heart. The struggle of their loneliness. The fatigue in their body. And the loud call for help.

If you feel the same way, keep reading.

Coming down to the realization of these specific feelings “I am not seen” and/or “I am not heard” is already such an important step.

The next step is what to do with that knowledge.

Well, seeking help is usually the best option because these beliefs, these feelings, are rooted deep down and usually in your past, in how you were loved by your parents, treated by your peers at school, recognized by the other adults around you in your life,…. And it does take time to uncover all the places that these feelings are deeply rooted in.

But what is even more powerful, is to understand that, as of today, the adult that you are, has the power to be seen and heard. And that if you can slowly work your way into seeing and hearing yourself, many struggles will disappear into thin air.

Though, I already hear you say: “what do you mean Marianne, “seeing” and “hearing” myself, what is this?!”

Well, let me answer that with this:

1) You are exactly where you need to be to learn the lesson that will propel you in the next chapter of your Life.

Which means, the challenges you are currently experiencing in your environment today (work, friendships, relationships, family,…) are here to teach you what your boundaries are, how to find your voice, and step up for yourself, and how to be comfortable with being you VS the person that your environment wants you to be.

So that ultimately, your environment changes and matches your actual You.

2) Nobody can really see you for who you are, and hear all the words that you say, in the proper way, if you do not know who you are first or what you want to say.

And by that I mean: Your mind may think that you want to be this, and want to say that,… (mainly answering to the pressure of your current environment); but your heart wants and says something else.

So it creates a disconnection. Your environment affects or responds to what your mind says, but You answer to what your heart wants. And so you feel frustrated and angry and disappointed and hurt and misunderstood, but above all else, you notice that there is a feeling of confusion, of unease, of something that you should know but you cannot put your finger on. And that exactly is the disconnection.

And that is specifically the work that I do with my clients. We get to dig under the surface, under the “ready-to-go” answer that the mind has or the inherited beliefs from your environment, and figure out what the heart wants. And then we build from there.

Because I hear you. And I see you. And no matter what you have been told until today, everything is possible. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but if you apply yourself with the right steps and the right support, everything is possible.

And that’s why I am here for you. To be that best friend you have been looking for. To be that cheer-leader that has been missing in your Life. To maybe even be the very first person that hear and see you for exactly who you are.

Good news is: I am currently offering free support calls so that you can be on your way to this Life.

Interested? Book your call right here and I cannot wait to support you.

With all my heart,


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