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How to overcome self-sabotage?

As I am running late once again, I ask myself this question "Marianne, what are you afraid of?"

Earlier in Life, I would never be late. Ever!

I was more the 15-minutes-early type of person.

But it's been a few months now that I just couldn't get myself to be on time and even less, early.

It's not because I didn't wake up on time, or changed my routine or even for lack of motivation. I have always been very disciplined and really lately, maybe even too much!

So what is happening?

Since my family crumbled to pieces and my consequent move to Canada, I have discovered what "relying on yourself" means.

And in all aspects of my Life, fear settled.

Afraid of not having enough money, not finding a roof to put over my head, making the wrong decision, being eaten by a bear or a cougar, being rejected, alone, forever. These fears are still driving sometimes but when I am late, it's another kind of fear.

I have discovered self-sabotage!

I knew I was scared of everything but if you ask the people around me, you would understand pretty quickly that it doesn't stop me anymore.

So on my way to living my Life Purpose, why I am always late?!

Well, because I am afraid!

But this time, I am afraid of being the real me. Of being vulnerable. Of showing my truest self, living my dreams, really shining my light.

And that's what I resist every minute that I am late for.

So my dear, remember, it is safe to be you.

And Life, as good as she is to help you let go of what doesn't serve you anymore, is even greater at showing you what to let in. It just requires of you a little trust in Her.


You are not alone.

Send me a message if you need someone to talk to, I am here for you and it will be a pleasure to support you on your Path.

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