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Heartbreaks, pain, growth, Light and Life, how are these connected? How to move through the cycle?

It’s been a while and I want to say that when everything is good, it’s a bit harder to share.

I find that the goldmine of growth lays at the bottom of our heart, in that dark place, unacknowledged and most often ignored.

My teachers at the Dharma Coaching Institute like to say that our Life’s Path is an ever deepening spiral of unraveling. Meaning that we are never completely healed, there will always be another layer, another door that opens on a wound.

With time that wound becomes easier and easier to get over but today I want to talk about the wounds that shake your world. The pain shatters your heart so much that breathing becomes difficult, eating almost impossible, the only thing that may be bearable is lying in a fetal position for as long as it takes to remember how strong we are, how beautiful and worthy of everything we are, and how ready we have become to surrender that newly discovered pain to Life and trust Her to guide us.

So I wanted to drop by and tell you that if you resonate with that today, I am here with you. I hear you. I feel you. I see you.

It’s always been a struggle to find a compassionate ear that would understand what I was experiencing when the words couldn’t even describe it. And that is a big reason why I became a Life Coach. To be there, with you. To be that ear, that heart that gets it. And that voice that helps you through that storm. That supports you in the lessons you are learning with these difficult moments, and assure you that there is Light on the other side.

A Light that very few of us know. It takes so much courage to stand strong and feel our way through this dark maze, to know what to provide our body with, to love ourselves so much that our heart does not break forever and that we make it to that other Side. Of Light, vulnerability, depth and love. Where we are so much attuned to Life that we are guided “in real time” and that this process of shedding the past patterns, learning and creating that new Life we want gets easier, with more flow, and peace.

With the beginning of the Fall season and Thanksgiving coming up here in Canada, I wanted to remind you that it is normal to feel the way you feel. Maybe indecisive, torn between the past and the present, wanting to build something new but feeling challenged with everything you have to let go of.

I am still amazed at all the support that Life provides me with. Concepts and sayings that I had been working on for so long to understand becoming so clear and easy to feel my way through them.

Life is absolutely gorgeous. She is always here when we need it.

But today and for the next few weeks, we are and will be reminded of the necessity to let go, surrender what has been, to come back inside, to who we know we are, to build our future from our heart up. To find that Life and strength right there, in our core, to build strongly when we will be ready. With love and self-confidence.

You don’t need to be ready today. But you will be soon. It will come. All will come. Breathe for now, turn on the music, go in the forest, journal, do some yoga, serve others and listen to Life’s message.

Or maybe you are ready, and in that case, get at it, I am so proud of you!

In this season of giving thanks, I want to invite you to reflect on what has been so far? How have you been through the same challenges you are facing today before, but how stronger you are today? What new lessons and tools have you learned that are helping you today to move through Life a bit more effortlessly? What can you be grateful for? And looking ahead, what do you want to focus on in the next few months to get closer to that Life you want to live?

I have a few openings so if you would like some guidance and support, check out my website or reach out to me, and it would be my absolute pleasure to get to know you and be there for you in this pivotal moment of your Life.

With all my heart dear you, I am here for you,

All my love,


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