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How to do my work?

After: - a full first week back in school with all the fun it is to learn about Ayurveda. - my coaching practice slowly taking off with trusting clients. - struggling to get back into my routine but,... - meeting wonderful, loving, supportive community members and friends.

I have a few more insights to share with you all - self awareness, slowing down, getting to be comfortable in your body and understanding it is the secret to and reason why of perpetual growth and new connections in your brain. Anti-aging process. That golden piece of information was given to me by the fantastic lecture of The Somatic Movement Summit - Using NeuroMovement to activate Your Brilliant Brain for Lifelong Vitality and Well-Being with Anat Baniel (

- The new Netflix movie "Look Both Ways" is absolutely to be watched when you wonder what to do next, when you doubt the benevolence of Life, when you question yourself. This is my chick-flick (of course!) recommendation to you.

Dear You, you are magical.

Through your pains and your beauty, through your worst moments and the proudest ones, You are You.

You are becoming You every moment of this Life and even though it's painful, there is nothing else than Beauty awaiting you. It only requires you to go for it (read this too:

Love yourself, Love life, its Beauty, its support. She got you and we only want the best for you.

Dig deep, find yourself and live your Dreams.

I only wish you the very best.

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