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It’s Mother’s day today and you don’t know what to say or do? You are perfect as you are

Today in Canada, it’s Mother’s day. And if you log in on your social media accounts, you may see all these different posts about the awesomeness, kindness and love giving of mothers. Though, you may also have a little voice at the back of your mind or whispering in your heart telling you that you just wished you could feel that way. With a big heart full of love and dreams you also feel that it is as much full of sadness, disappointment and even jealousy.

And it’s OK.

We don’t all have Hollywood families. We are not all from loving families or loving in a healthy way. Though, that doesn’t mean that we are broken, that we will never have loving relationships, that we will never be loved the way that feels good and right to us, that we will never be happy with the family we have.

Learning how to love myself, with all the good and bad parts of it was the beginning of me being Me. Able to understand and love my family even though I felt heart broken. I was able to accept what was mine and what was theirs, what was our common responsibility and what I could and should do to feel better with my very own self. Not having to depend on their love, appreciation, acceptation and permission to live my own life. How to not feel guilt and shame every time I was doing something that made me happy that they didn’t understand.

In one of our last coaching classes on Wednesday, I was invited to share my voice which led me to express some of my fears about the path I have taken on. I didn’t expect it but I ended up being lovingly supported by one of our teacher who reminded me of who I am. She beautifully expressed that I was a nurturing introvert, who creates a mamma-bear-hug-like container, and gives you space to be. To just breathe, pause and express your voice with no judgement. I help you find what’s comfortable to voice out, what you see and feel, to get to do great things in this world.

There are great chances that you may be an introvert like me, and it was a perfect reminder to let you know that, we are just perfect as we are. Introvert or not, from another culture or not, educated or not, in loving relationships with our families and communities or not, whatever we label ourselves with, we are who we are and we are beautiful.

What do you see or feel that you like in yourself? Like it more, love it even, and try to get to that point with another part of yourself this week. As if you were talking with a friend and telling them what you love in them. How can you become your own best friend?

Today, on Mother’s Day, send the love you can to your Mother and if it’s none, then it is what it is. And it’s OK. Honor whatever feels good for you today. You are who you are and you are beautiful.

You are strong, intelligent, valuable, inspiring, lovable and simply perfect.

With or without working with me, I want you to know that you can feel that way, ready to take on your challenges and be that person you wish to be.

You matter no matter your labels. I believe in you.

You are perfect as you are and I cannot wait to see who that is.


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