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Just now, right this minute, what do you desire most in your Life?

A minute to yourself, sleeping-in, time off, a break from the crazy ride that your Life is, love, moving past fights with your family, health, wealth, less pain, better skin, better looks, better thoughts, finally finding yourself, a goal to move towards to, expansion, freedom, light,….

Well, well, well, if you are like me, this must talk to you. At some point or another, I deeply desired all of these things, individually or together. And if you are like me, living in a place where the winter is coming, with shorter days, more and more darkness, cold, rain, gloomy days,… I would like to remind you to take it slow. Give yourself some grace. Enjoy one more minute of warmth in your bed. A little hug from yourself, pillow or partner. A nice warm tea. A comfy sweater on. A few minutes of breathing, meditation, journaling. Maybe even some yoga. Crank up the heat a bit, turn on the fire place. Light a few candles. And have a warming, cozy breakfast. Hot chocolate maybe. Pancakes, oatmeal, pastries,… Or cozy up under the blankets on your couch. Put on some gentle music that will warm your heart and soul. Have a warm bath. Finally sit down and read a book,…

You deserve it all my dear. You have worked so hard. And what you desire is fair. You deserve to be happy, energized, rested, feel loved, healthy, grounded, growing, finally belonging and having the means to do so.

Maybe these days you feel more jealous, envious, you are more snappy, passive aggressive towards people you spend time with, without understanding it. You just want to be happy! Why is it that what you dream of so much is not coming to you? You are doing everything right! Working hard, facing your emotions, talking things through, reading all the books you can, hearing all the advice you possibly can, meditating, visualizing, giving your all to manifesting. But it’s not coming! What the heck Life?!

Well, cozy up my love. Come back to your breath. Come back to your heart. The secret? You are doing it all right. What’s missing? Patience. Oh man, that word!!!!

But yes, all these wishes of yours, all what you want today, you deserve it. Yes! It will come. Yes!

But when you will be ready for it. And sometimes you feel that Life’s train is passing you by and not stopping for you. Everybody gets on with their Life and you feel stuck. Why not you?

Because Life makes things happen for you but you are still the one having to grab onto them. You are the one that has to give yourself some grace. Some love. All the love actually. Taking care of yourself and your heart. Scheduling that time for You in your busy calendar. To take care of your body, of your mind and of your spirit. And accepting that good things take time. Trees don’t grow over night. Money don’t fall off the sky. And energy don’t come back in a blink of an eye for a depleted body. But also that, if what you desire most right now is not coming, you are blocked. There is something you are not seeing. And that is exactly what’s preventing you from growing.

So,… What is it? What’s stopping you? What are you impatient about? Why is it that you desire this so much? Do you feel incomplete without it? What will it bring to your Life that you cannot live without it? What are you scared of? What are you trying to avoid?

All what’s being brought up in this period of the year is exactly what you need to face to get to your next step in Life. The Fall season is all about going back inside, shedding the past, letting go of patterns, and going deep down to the root, investigating, understanding to grow anew when Spring comes. It is a wonderful time for introspection. But it can be heavy. Overwhelming. Scary. Uncontrollable also.

And that’s why I am here. Discussing it with you. You are not alone.

And you are doing such a beautiful job. Because you are listening. You are allowing yourself to feel. And you are willing to face whatever is coming up. You want the change. The minute to yourself, the sleeping-in, the time off, the break from the crazy ride that your Life is, love, moving past fights with your family, health, wealth, less pain, better skin, better looks, better thoughts, finally finding yourself, a goal to move towards to, expansion, freedom, light,….

With all my heart dear you, I am here for you.

I have been there, I am still here on some level, but I have learned. In the past 10 years or so, I have learned so much. And every time I discovered a new tool to help me through to the next step. And I want to offer it to you. My tool box. My listening ears. My deep caring. The space from my heart to help you move past what you are struggling with and find your Light. Even more than that, Shine your Light.

So, I invite you to get in touch, through this page, at or book a free discovery call with me on my website It would such an honor to walk you through this period of your Life towards your dreams.

All my love,


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