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Sunday Night - you are not alone, I am thinking of you

Hey dear you, I have been thinking of you.

Sunday night, even sometimes the whole day, Monday morning, Friday night,… For quite some time in my Life, any day really was a struggle. A push and pull in between sticking my head down, caring, driven and finding the last of my motivation for the next project at work. Or exhaustion, somewhat depression, fears, struggles, doubts, just an emptiness in my whole body about what I wanted to be doing next.

So I am thinking of you.

I know what it is and I also know that you don’t know me. Facebook may not be the best mean to this end but it is the one I chose. And I want to invite you to reach out. Ask a question, share your struggle, inquire about another point of view. About what you are going through, how you are feeling, what you are wondering about your future, the path you are on or want to take, what’s stopping you, what’s scaring you, what’s keeping you up at night, what’s coming to mind on this Sunday night thinking of your week ahead, the week-end to come, and the week after that, and so on.

You can reach out below in the comments area, through private message or e-mail at I will do my very best to answer in a timely manner and at the best of my ability. I may reach out to you personally if I feel that privacy may be respected.

My daily life is not much different than yours. I am a part time student of Ayurveda and a part time clerk at our beautiful Kootenay Co-op in town. I am also starting this venture, creating my own company. And for sure we all need money to live, but my deep motivation is to share what I know, what fascinates me, what I have been learning relentlessly to help you, to be that voice you hear when you need it most, to uncover what’s being blocked inside of you and help you on your path to a You you may not even imagine today.

I am thinking of you. I am here for you. And I cannot wait to hear from you.


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