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How to make this world a better place?

My isolation bubble has finally popped.

The overwhelming hints about what is going on in Europe for the past few days have been impossible to ignore for another day.

My friends, family, community are all suffering from what we are witnessing.

A few minutes in my research, I can understand why people have so many questions on their mind. And my heart goes to each and everyone of you. I am with you.

We are living in an amazing time on this planet. The world is crumbling. And we can be worried.

I am starting to understand the Path I have been on.

I used to dream of living what all these awareness/consciousness teachers were describing. Peace, Love, Forgiveness, Compassion. All these concepts.

I couldn't even understand what they were, what they would feel like, how to embody them. I was raised as a privileged white woman. I had access to everything. But still, I was led through interesting dark places which had me challenge the existence of Life, which is what I call the higher power that watches over us if you want to think about it that way.

I challenged it but I really wanted to know. I was so deep in my darkness that I really could have disappeared. But surprisingly, it came to me. I didn't see it in the moment but now, I can look back and I know.

Synchronicities, being on your Path, living in alignment with yourself, knowing your mission, your Life Purpose.

These are not far-away/blurry concepts anymore.

If I pay attention I know it's coming from inside. From a Source I have never believed I could have.

Yes the World is crumbling. Yes we can challenge the benevolence of Life. Yes we can decide that all is lost and nothing is worth anything anymore. That we messed it all up and the Planet is better off without us.

But I want to tell you that this is wrong. What's crumbling is what we have built without awareness. It is not Life that is creating what's happening, we did. And Life now cannot do anything but witness. Witness and send Her Wisdom to the tiny amount of people that can see it, trusting that they will be able to share.

Nothing is lost. If you can be brave enough to take that step and do the work, all will be OK.

Look at yourself, take the responsibility to take care of yourself as you would a child, stop waiting on whatever and whoever you are waiting on to create the Life you want, and see that you have the power to do it Yourself.

The key is inside of you and believe me, I have been sick and tired of hearing that same thing!

Dig a little. Face what's coming up. Begin to understand. Follow your heart. And embrace the Love. Embrace who you are meant to be.

By doing so, you are supporting yourself which as a consequence will help the people around you. You will shine, you will be strong, you will be independent, you will be a leader. And you will inspire others to follow that same way. To become themselves. And to love and honor that Life that flows through us.

By doing so, we are supporting our community, we shine together, we are strong, we are independent and we are leaders of a new world. We love and honor Life that flows through us. We are living our Purpose and this world would be crumbling for this transformation to be born.

By not answering to that calling, by following fear, anger, bitterness, this Beauty cannot be born.

I never thought I would ever write that on a public page but I can assure you that it's possible and I am not alone. I work with hundreds of people everyday with the same message, with the same vision and with the same connection to Life.

Don't give up just yet.

Life hasn't given up.

We can birth a new world and each and everyone of us is key to do so.

I need you!

Now that I have understood that for myself, I want to share my experience and what I have learned to help you understand what's awaiting you. What is your mission. And support you through the obstacles that may show up on your way.

Contact me, I cannot wait to work for a new world together, even if it starts just with you.

The butterfly effect is nothing to ignore, I promise.

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