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Today, allow me to invite you to dream

“If you had all the money and time you needed, and that you couldn’t fail, what would you be/do in your Life?”

Doesn’t it inspire you to think about that? Doesn’t it lift the weight off your shoulders?


On all aspects.

No need to struggle with making ends meet. You would have all the money you need to live where you want, in the house you want, surrounded by the people you want.

No need to wonder what, when or where to eat. You could have a cook, or access to every and any restaurant you want, or you could be living anywhere you want, providing you with fresh food that you love.

No need to rush everywhere or fear you would run out of time. You would be in that place where you can go to bed feeling satisfied about your day, having a wonderful, restoring, refreshing night, waking up at a reasonable hour with the sun and the freshness of the morning dew, feeling love and gratitude for the day to come while starting your meditation, having a fresh wholesome breakfast, and moving on with the activities fulfilling you.

Taking care of your body, your mind, your spirit but also your family, friends, community. Being of service to the world with your inner and outer peace, inspiring others to do the same, to discover that it’s possible, opening their eyes to new perspectives.

Freedom. A blank canvas. Full of Light, Love and Peace. A beautiful Life.

This is not impossible though it may seems so.

This is not “just dreams” though it may seems so.

This is not far though it may seems so.

I want to be the person that gives you the extra push you need to follow your heart.

The world is slowly shifting. Ever so slowly that the glimpses you get of these “dreams” ever becoming real are so few and far apart.

But they exist.

You have it in you.

No matter what most of the people tell you, you have it in you.

And it is you. It is who you are and who you have been designed to be. Bringing love, understanding, beauty to this World. To the people who raised you. To the people who put you down. To the people stopping you.

You are here to be that brave Soul, the Pattern-Stopper, the Life-Lover, the Heart-Listener.

You are braver than you think.

Invite this Light into your Heart.

This is who you are and the World needs You.



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