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What is our Life Purpose?

Our Life Purpose is not or doesn’t have to be this great thing as in ruling the world, or becoming awarded with a Nobel Prize, or whatever grand things that come to your mind.

Our Life Purpose is about being our true self, listening to that voice inside of us and consciously choosing it over every others.

To word it, I have been taught a framework coming out of Sahara Rose’s book “Discover Your Dharma – A Vedic Guide to Finding Your Purpose”. Walking you through it would be an exploration of the different aspects of your personality, the obstacles you have overcome so far in your Life, what makes your heart sing, how you like to express yourself and what makes you that unique you You are. And from there we put it all together.

Mine is “I problem-solve to help the world”. Which made sense to me when I looked at everything I have done. Starting off with our family hobby since I was a child: orienteering, running in the forest every week-end to look for controls. Following with engineering. My path being to use that awesome brain of mine, that doesn’t know everything (little disclaimer) for a greater purpose. So far it was mostly aimed at helping our Planet. Today, it switched to helping you and still down the road, our beautiful Planet.

What do you mean Marianne?! I explained it all deeper on my website (which will be published, (fingers crossed) sometimes in June), but mostly I mean that I care very deeply about our Planet and all the Human Beings living on it. I believe that we are meant to love each other and live peacefully together, in harmony with Nature. Though, we seem to have lost sight of our best intentions and after having tried a few things, my passion today is around empowering you to be the best self you want to be, to bring you self-respect, self-love, self-care, being able to open your eyes to the Beauty of Nature around us, and thus leading by example and empower other in whatever ways you are meant to do so.

It can be in ruling the world, or becoming awarded with a Nobel Prize, but it can also be playing music that will soothe people’s broken hearts, creating a family with love and awareness to spread these seeds to future generations, or whatever it is that your heart tells you.

So, are you curious? Would you like to finally understand what your heart is trying to tell you? Let go of your past patterns, learn the tools to know with 100% certainty who you are and have someone help you bring that out into the world for you to shine your amazing light?


Book a free discovery call, send me a message or an e-mail, it would be such a pleasure to support you through your transformation.

Lots of love,


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