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How to break relationship patterns?

Very early in childhood, I developed the skill of understanding what people around me needed and the ability to answer those needs.

I felt that it made me lovable, appreciable, irreplaceable. Worthy of belonging.

Later, as a young adult, I saw that it also gave me power.

Because I understood so much, I could manipulate to get both what the other(s) wanted and what I wanted.

I thought I was doing great.

But why was I fighting the shame, guilt, codependency, low self-esteem, others,… riding the extreme roller coaster of ups and downs where in the end, I didn’t even recognized myself or come close to feeling happy?

How could I be so smart, do anything I wanted, be anything I wanted, but also be so out of control with people around me and my own self, feeling unlovable, unappreciated, very replaceable and so not belonging?

I finally realized that I knew others better than myself.

I had been giving my power away for so many years that I couldn’t even know what my gifts were.

By finally listening to my own needs, everything fell into place.

Once I applied that intelligence I had been used to turn outwards, towards my own self, everything became clearer, safer, stronger.

I could finally break free from the toxic patterns I repeated over and over and over again.

I could feel beautiful, worthy, loving and loveable as well as belonging.

If this resonate with you and you feel as lost and helpless as I used to, to even start breaking these patterns and get to a better place, book a Discovery Call with me right here: or send me a message. It will an absolute pleasure to share what I know and help you get to know yourself better.

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