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How to be a perfectionist Empath?

One of my favorite teacher who is looking out for us from above now, wrote:

"Starting a Family"

Before having a child, it would be wonderful if people would take a year to look deeply into themselves, to practice loving speech and deep listening, and to learn the other practices that will help them enjoy themselves and their children more.

Bringing a new life into the world is a serious matter. Taking a year for introspection and preparation doesn't seem too much. Doctors and therapists spend up to ten years to get a license. But anyone can become a parent without any training or preparation. Parents can learn how to sow seeds of happiness, peace and joy in the new child"

How to Love, Thich Nhat Hanh

The perfectionist empath in me has been witnessing so much chaos and pain inflicted to others from misunderstanding of ourselves and misuse of our languages and emotions.

Reading this book a few years ago started my journey of discovering myself, which is still ongoing as the vastness of our being is infinite.

Though, Life is so beautiful that it doesn't need us to be perfect to start living.

Spreading our love and light to the world around us for people to know that it does exist.

It is possible and it is within our reach.

If you feel like your heart swells with so much love for this world but that you cannot find a way to communicate it 'properly', that you feel paralyzed to be yourself or unsure of what that means, send me a message.

It will be an honor to walk with you for a little while and assist you in becoming that You you truly are.

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