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Did you know that you can love yourself And others And you can meet people that Understand it?

Today, it’s Father’s day. I invite you to check out the earlier post I made about Mother’s day (you can find it here: ). It’s still relevant to the situation.

Which is that no matter how you feel today, it’s OK. Relationships are my Life’s work and I may get trained as a Relationship Coach in a near future. That being said, it’s still a work in progress but I wanted to share with you my biggest insight when I started looking into this subject deeper.

To start, if you are reading this, the probabilities are pretty high that you encounter the following issues when you are in any kind of relationships (romantic, familial, with friends, at work, in your various activities,…):

1. You don’t get pulled into looking at relationships by chance. Very very very often, you have been hurt so much that you have no other choice.

2. When you have trouble with any of your relationships, you are very much more likely to have a big beautiful heart that cares so much, gives so much, loves so deeply and wants more than the best for the people you are interacting with.

3. Flip side of previous point: boundaries are hard for you and speaking up, stepping up, saying No is not as easy as they say in the books.

4. You are prone to guilt and you either cry your heart out wondering “why is the world so broken?” or you yell as loudly at people that “disrespect” you.

5. You think about relationships and your interactions with people a lot and some may say that you are an Empath.

The World Changing advice I have gotten many many many times that finally made its way down to my heart and made sense is that

The voice that made it through to my heart was Sheleana Aiyana’s, amazing founder of Rising Woman ( who created her signature program “Becoming the One” ( and just published her book of the same title “Becoming the One: Heal Your Past, Transform Your Relationship Patterns and Come Home to Yourself ”.

This program above helped me understand why I was repeatedly having all these difficulties in any kind of relationships I was in or getting into. I wanted to change, I wanted to see the results of all my hard inner work. But nothing was happening. And then I got it.

I loved Others more than my own Self.

And I am talking to you about it today as the above statement was nobody’s fault but something that had been passed on from generations and generations to me. And when I understood, it was easier to break the pattern and allow myself to see another perspective. Which is what I want to bring to you.

A perspective in which you love and respect yourself so much that you walk away without overthinking from situations that don’t serve you.

A perspective in which you know that you are beautiful.

A perspective in which you embrace your uniqueness because you know that it is You.

A perspective in which people are attracted to you for exactly what others were criticizing you about.

A perspective in which you are so strong, passionate, so free that nothing is impossible. Everything flows, you are connected to and supported by Life and nothing will stop you because You are You and that’s all you need.

So yes dear love, if you feel hurt, if you want to love deeply but feel misunderstood and never enough for those that “should” love you, if you feel heartbroken and have a hard time with setting healthy and respected boundaries, You are not Alone.

There is Hope. There is a Light at the end of the Tunnel. This doesn’t have to be your Future.

You are unique and just beautiful as you Are.

You can love yourself And others. And you can meet people that Understand that point.

You can create co-committed relationships instead of them being codependent.

You are your very own One and Only

With or without working with me, I want you to know that you can feel that way, be that person you wish to be.

You are perfect as you are and I cannot wait to see who that is.

You got this dear you,

With all my heart,


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